History of Albatros

Movement founded by Sister Pearl Berg, o.s.u.

This organization for end of life accompaniment was then part of the burgeoning palliative care movement, in Quebec and throughout the world. People were starting to realize that people with incurable and fatal diseases were in a way considered as « medical failures » and abandoned to themselves.

Humanity needed to be instilled in how these people were treated. Their suffering needed relief, especially that relating to isolation. And at the same time, they had to be able to receive all possible care so as to live out the rest of their life as richly and as comfortably as possible until natural death. The aim was therefore to fulfill human needs on all levels, physical (pain relief, ergonomic adaptation, respectful hygiene care, etc.), emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual..

This holistic approach sees the person as a whole, with multiple dimensions, each as important as the other. This approach teaches caregivers the importance of morale on health.

Sr Pearl passed away in 2007, proud to have sown humanity on her earthly journey.

The Albatros Federation has bloomed throughout Quebec and, in 2013, has reached the number of eight cells and five local organizations.