Fédération du mouvement
Albatros du Québec

Board of directors


Mr. Régis Arsenault


Mr. Serge Dubois


Mrs Jasmine Paquin


Mr. Marcel Belleville

Other directors

Mrs Janine Roy
Mrs Clémence Bédard
Mr. Ward O’Connor
Mr. Pierre-Gaétan Michon


Sister Pauline Thiffault


Mr. Patrick Vinay

General Secretariat

The offices of our general secretariat are located in Three-Rivers, Quebec.

Under the auspices of the board of directors, the general secretariat team is composed of three members at your service:

The General Secretariat :

  • Provides accident insurance for the volunteers of the member cells and local organizations
  • Emits income tax receipts for the Albatros cells
  • Emits membership cards
  • Develops the Albatros training programs, and provides trainers for member cells and local organizations
  • Produces and remits honorific plates and pins as well as training certificates
  • Represents member interests with different governments
  • Supports cells and local organizations in their efforts to raise awareness concerning Albatros and palliative care in general
  • Develops and produces promotional tools (pamphlet, poster, In Memoriam card, Web site, theme song, newsletter “À tire-d’aile” and L'Infolettre
  • Etc.

The Federation fosters uniformity in the accompaniment Albatros volunteers offer throughout the province.

Its provincial status also gives it an important representational capacity as well as increased power of negotiation with suppliers and insurers.